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Comcast Boys & Girls Club Press Announcement

Comcast Boys & Girls Club Press Announcement

Event Info:

For this event, we provided all creative and technical event staging, including site surveys and CAD drawings, graphic design of signage and scenic elements on stage, managed labor, vendors, and catering, and planned a “reveal” of the new plans for the Germantown Boys and Girls Club. We created the event venue in an open field behind the current Club. We brought in everything including tenting, water, power, restrooms, flooring, lighting, audio, video, staging and scenic. An important goal for us was to make sure that we left the field in the same if not better condition than how we found it. To do this we made sure that any and all activity from the load in, event, and load out did not damage the grounds at all.

A challenge of this event was creating a venue in the middle of a field. There was also an accessibility concern as the field was not originally wheelchair accessible. We created a ramp where there was previously no ramp structure, which was a challenge due to the elevation of the field off of street height. The ramp we constructed was completely ADA compliant.

The event successfully wowed the attendees and presented the plans for the new building. It was well attended and served as a press announcement as well as an effort to bring in more donors.